Like I said before , I am going to make this blog active again so submit your opinion, imagine, best E3 moment or something you want to say about Emblem3!

Wow how long has it been since I have used this blog? TOO long. I am going to start using this blog very soon! Promise. 

So , I am so late but what are your thoughts on the album?

I think it’s funny when people think Drew looks like Macklemore, or Tim Tebow, or Nick Carter…Personally, I think Drew is the most attractive out of all of them!!!
I really like keaton with sort hair, I don’t like his long curly hair and I don’t know why.
cale3fornia asked: Hey I'm so sorry I never answered u earlier! School's started and soccer season is about to so I am yet again loaded with work. But anyways, back to our conversation! (: I just adore how you love all the boys of E3 equally! I honestly don't have a favorite, but if I had to choose to only marry one of the boys, it would be Keaton. Just because he's the only one who would be legal to date me, and our personalities are the most similar than to Wesley's or Drew's (even though they're both amazing)!

Well I adore how you’re so nice! Haha it’s okay it took me forever to answer this. (Sorry) and I agree they are all amazing!

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Anonymous asked: I ship myself with each boy lmao

Haha ohh I know the feeling.

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I feel like sending nice messages to emblems, anyone want one?

Might do all

How does everyone feel about Chloe being the first single?

Drew reminds me of a young macklemore for some reason 
(They both wear fur and rap)

Posting as usual so submit here

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